Housing Loans are offered to Resident Indians and NRIs

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Housing loan is offered for the following purpose

  • Construction of a residential property or to purchase readymade/ under-construction residential property or carrying out repairs/ modification/ extension to the existing residential property.
  • Existing loan takeover from other banks subject to the bank requirements and policies being fulfilled

Product Features

  • Low Interest Rates
  • Loam tenor of up to 20 years for residents and up to 15 years for NRI customers
  • No pre- closure charges if repaid from own funds
  • Easy Documentation
  • Low Processing Fee
  • Fast Turnaround time

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum employment of 3 years required
  • Applicant should be salaried individual
  • Should be confirmed employee with the present employer

Please contact the following bank staff for complete details on the documentation and eligibility calculation

Manaf Merchant manaf@bbkindia.com 9322571006
Sharad P sharad@bbkindia.com 9322571001
Amitabh K amitab.kapoor@bbkindia.com 9396660880
Syed Rafeeq rafeeq@bbkindia.com 9396671050
Aluva ( Kerala)
Preetha preetha.perincheri@bbkindia.com 9388018927
Sasi M sasi.menon@bbkindia.com 9388616789
New Delhi
Neel Singh neelkamal@bbkindia.com 7827183006

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