Sl No. Nature of Transcation Chgs for Non-Individual(Rs)(w.e.f.:1st July 2012) Chgs for Individual(Rs)(w.e.f.:1st July 2012)
A) Foreign Bills :
A1. Export Bills :
A.1.a Processing Charges for each foreign currency bill negotiated / Purchased / discounted Rs.2000/- Rs.2000/-
A.1.b Rupee bill Purchase Rs.2000/- Rs.2000/-
A.1.c Rupee Advance against Export Bill Rs.2000/- Rs.2000/-
A.2. Commission on Export Bills drawn in FCY and INR:
A.2.a Equivalent of upto INR 50,000/- Up to Rs. 2 Lac, flat Rs.500/- -
A.2.b Equivalent of INR 50,000/- and above but upto INR 2 Lakhs Up to Rs. 2 Lac, flat Rs.500/- -
A.2.c Above equivalent of INR 2 Lakhs Minimum Rs.500/- or 0.075% whichever is higher Maximum Rs.10,000/- -
A.2.d Export bills sent for collection where proceeds are not received on the due dates (overdue bills) Up to 2 Lakhs Rs.250/- per quarter. Above 2 Lakhs Rs.500/- per quarter. (Chargeable at the end of every calendar quarter) -
A.2.e Where proceeds of bills received through a bank other than the collection bank at the instance of exporter/overseas buyer 0.125% in addition to normal collection charges Maximum Rs.2000/- -
A.2.f Export Bill realised where no exchange margin is earned by the bank.(Fund transferred to EEFC Account etc.) 0.05% maximum Rs.2000/- flat -
A.2.g Annual export turnover certificate Rs.500/- -
A.2.h Write off of Export Bills per bill Rs.1000/- per GR for self write-off Rs.2000/- per GR for bank write-off -
Note: If the monthly turnover of export collections exceed INR 2.5crores, commission @0.0625% with minimum of INR1000/- and maximum of INR 2,500/- (Applicable with reference to 5.3.1, 5.3.2 and 5.3.3
A.3. Import Bills :
A.3.1. Commission on bills drawn under LC :
A.3.1.a Foreign Currency bills at the time of crystallization or retirement whichever is earlier 0.15% -
A.3.1.b If bills are not retired within 10 days from date of receipt of demand bills OR on due date in case of usance bills Additional 0.15% per each month or part thereof delay incur in the payment. -
A.3.1.c Advance Import payment Bill Same as collection bill (As given below) -
A.3.1.d On bill drawn in foreign currency on which no exchange margin accrues (Export as well import Bill) or if the export/import bill is invoiced in INR hence no exchange income is earned 0.05% maximum Rs.2000/- -
A.3.1.e Out of Pocket expenses in export and import Bill Rs.750/- -
A.3.2. Commission on Clean Import Bills (not drawn under L/C) :-
A.3.2.a Where exchange margin is earned on Foreign Currency Bill 0.25% minimum Rs.500/- Maximum Rs.10,000/- -
A.3.2.b Bills received direct by Importer Half of the commission earned on same amount collection bill. Minimum Rs.500/- and maximum Rs.5000/- -
Note:If the monthly turnover of import bills under LC or/and collection bills exceed INR 2.5 crores by an arrangement, commission @0.0625% with minimum of INR 1000/- and maximum of INR 2,500/-(Applicable with reference to all sub point under 6)
B) Inland Bills :
B.1 Bills drawn under Inland LCs
B.1.a For bills upto 2.5 lacs at the time of retirement 0.20% (Rs.500/- minimum) or as per sanction memo This slab is now applicable for inland bill up to Rs.10 Lac -
B.1.b For bills above 2.50 Lakhs at the time of retirement 0.15% (Minimum Rs.2,000/- maximum Rs.10,000)This slab is now applicable for Bill drawn for more than Rs. 10 Lac -
B.1.c If the bills are not retired on the due date as per the original usance, additional charge for the devolvement period till date of recovery Additional 0.20% per each month or part thereof delay incur in the payment. -
B.1.d Inland Bills discounted under irrevocable L/Cs issued by other eligible Banks Up to Rs. 10 lac:0.20% (Rs.500/- minimum)Above Rs.10 Lac: 0.15% (Minimum 2,000/- maximum Rs.10,000) -
B.1.e Inland Bills under collection which are returned back to the remitting bank unpaid 50% of normal charges Minimum Rs.500/- maximum Rs.1000/- (Excluding other bank charges which will be born by their party) -
B.2 Inward Bills not under LC (IBC) Rs.5 per thousand with min of Rs. 500 and maximum Rs.10,000 + Out of Pocket expenses Rs.250/- -
B.3 Bills sent by us (OBC) and returned unpaid by other bank Rs.500/- -
B.4 Outward Bills – Collections (OBC) Rs.5 per thousand with min of Rs. 500 and maximum Rs.10,000 + Out of Pocket expenses Rs.250/ -
C) Collections – Outward :
C.1 Outstation Cheques
Upto 10,000/-
Above 10,000/- and Upto 25,000/-
Above 25,000/-
Rs.3/- per 1,000/-
Max. 500/
C.2 Outward Bills - Collections (OBC) Rs.50/- per instrument -
C.3 Foreign Cheque for Collection (FCC) N.A. Free
C.4 Handling / collection for Bills / cheques returned unpaid Rs.150/- for cheques, for bills and collecting bank charges. Rs.100/- for cheques and collection bank charges.
D) Remittances for TF:
D.1 Inward Remittances Rs.200/- -
D.2 FIRC Charges 1.Rs.150/- for any IRM not old more than one calendar quarter
2. Rs.200/- for any IRM more than one calendar quarter old
D.3 Issue of duplicate FIRC Rs.2000/- + Indemnity from client -
D.4 Outward Remittances 0.125%, MAXIMUM Rs.10,000/- -

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