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Housing Loans are offered to Resident Indians and NRIs

Housing loan is offered for the following purpose

  • Construction of a residential property or to purchase readymade/ under-construction residential property or carrying out repairs/ modification/ extension to the existing residential property.
  • Existing loan takeover from other banks subject to the bank requirements and policies being fulfilled

Product Features

  • Low Interest Rates
  • Loam tenor of up to 20 years for residents and up to 15 years for NRI customers
  • No pre- closure charges if repaid from own funds
  • Easy Documentation
  • Low Processing Fee
  • Fast Turnaround time

Type of Credit Facility Maximum ROI Minimum ROI Mean ROI
Housing Loan 10.40% p.a. 10.40% p.a. 10.40% p.a.
Processing Fees & Documentation Charges (Average) 0.45% of Loan Amount
Total Cost of Credit (Average per Loan) 10.50% of Loan Amount (p.a.)
Penalty For Delayed Payments As per offer letter
Converison charges for switcing from Floating to Fixed Intrest and vice versa As per offer letter
Mode of Commnunication of changes in Interest Rates By Letter to Customers Registered address and Through SMS on Registred Mobile No.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum employment of 3 years required
  • Applicant should be salaried individual
  • Should be confirmed employee with the present employer


The Bank will dispose either or accept or reject the application for Credit Limits within 45 Days from The Date of Receipt of Full Information from the Client.

Please contact the following bank staff for complete details on the documentation and eligibility calculation

Manaf Merchant manaf@bbkindia.com 9322571006
Sharad P sharad@bbkindia.com 9322571001
Amitabh K amitab.kapoor@bbkindia.com 9396660880
Syed Rafeeq rafeeq@bbkindia.com 9396671050
Aluva ( Kerala)
Preetha preetha.perincheri@bbkindia.com 9388018927
Sasi M sasi.menon@bbkindia.com 9388616789
New Delhi
Neel Singh neelkamal@bbkindia.com 8939872263
Sandeep Sharma sandeep.sharma@bbkindia.com 7859869824

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