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Non-Frill accounts or Small Deposits accounts

This is for Individuals having deposit balances of Rs.50,000/- & below & Total turnover of Rs.1,00,000/- per year.The Special charges schedule is as under.

SR No Nature of Transaction Charges (Rs)
A) Minimum Balance Requirement NIL
B) Cheque Book Facility :
Issuance of Cheque Books 50/- each book
C) Cheque Returns (applicable for ECS returns also) :
1 Cheque Returned for want of sufficient funds (per cheque) 100/-
2 Cheque Deposited returned unpaid 50/-
D) Stop Payment Request for each Transaction
(a cheque or a series of cheques) :
50/- per cheque
Max. 200/-
E) Closed within six months of opening NIL
F) Balance Enquiry/Balance Certificate Free
G) Statement of Accounts :
1 Issuance of Pass Books Free
2 Issuance of Statements on Demand 15/- per page
3 Issuance of Duplicate Pass Book 15/- per Page plus
50/- additional cost
H) ATM Cards :
1 Issue of First ATM Card Free
2 Renewal Fee of ATM – every year Free
3 Reissue of ATM Card at the request of the customer 100/-
4 Reissue of ATM PIN at the request of the customer 50/-
I) Photo/Signature Verification : 100/- per attestation
J) Tracing of Old Records :
a Up to 6 Months 100/-
b More than 6 months up to 1 Year 150/-
c Above 1 Year 200/-


  • Service Tax plus Education Cess @ 12.36% (as per Government Rules) w.e.f.: 01.04.12 is applicable from time to time over and above charges indicated above.
  • Bank reserves the right to assess charges on transactions that are not covered by this schedule and recover the same accordingly with prior intimation to the concerned customer(s).
  • The schedules of charges for Remittance Facilities, Collection Facilities are available separately.
  • A flat 20% concession is allowed in the above service charges for Senior Citizens in the Individual Category.

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