A Safe Deposit Locker facility is available with our Hyderabad, Aluva & New Delhi Branch which ensures the safe keeping of your valuables.


  • Lockers available in various sizes, i.e. Small, Medium and Large with varying rents.
  • Lockers are rented out for a minimum period of one year; rent is payable in advance.
  • rent may be conveniently paid from your account with us.
  • Reduced operational risk of fraud and loss of cheques
  • Nomination facility for Safe Deposit Locker is available.


An individual (not minor), firms, limited company, associations, clubs, trusts, societies, may hire a locker.

Locker Rent (Locker facility at Hyderabad,Aluva & New Delhi branches) :
Size & Locker Dimension Rent (p.a.) Handling Charges
1.Locker Rent type: 'A' Rs.1100/- Rs.100/-
2.Locker Rent type: 'B' Rs.1700/- Rs.100/-
3.Locker Rent type: 'C' Rs.2500/- Rs.450/-
4.Locker Rent type: 'F' Rs.5500/- Rs.650/-
5.Locker Rent type: 'H' Rs.7500/- Rs.650/-
6. Locker Rent type: 'H1' Rs.3400/- Rs.650/-
Late payment penalty Rs.500/- per quarter or part thereof Rs.500/- per quarter or part thereof

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