BBK RuPay Debit Card a new customer friendly product feature.

“BBK RuPay Debit Card” that enables you to have a hassle-free shopping experience, Since the payments for purchases can be done by “BBK RuPay Debit Card”, there is no need to carry cash with you for shopping.

This is India's own payment card, where the settlement happens within India and your account gets debited with the amount you spend through a secured payment mechanism.The “BBK RuPay Debit card” is accepted at various Merchant ,Establishments, (like Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Malls, etc) where RuPay Logo is displayed.

BBK RuPay Debit Card is packed with a host of benefits that will enhance your lifestyle and provide convenience in your banking transaction as follows.

  • Free ATM usage across India any number times
  • Safe and secure transaction.
  • Accepted at about 163,700 ATMs of 78 member banks all over India displaying RuPay Logo and over 8,80,000 POS (points of sale) terminals with Merchant Establishments that are enabled to accept RuPay cards
  • Cashless Shopping Convenience
  • Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 25,000/-
  • Daily POS Limit of Rs. 2, 00,000/-
  • SMS alert for all transactions.

NPCI Network

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Debit CardService Charges:

Debit Cards :
H.1 Issue of First ATM Card/td> Free Free
H.2 Renewal Fee of ATM – every year 100/- Free
H.3 Reissue of ATM Card at the request of the customer 100/- 100/-
H.4 Reissue of ATM PIN at the request of the customer 50/- 50/-

Is an DEBIT Card like a Credit Card?
No, an DEBIT Card is different from a Credit Card. Using your DEBIT Card, you can access your account and carry out most of your banking transactions, round the clock. But you cannot shop with your ATM Card.

Also, unlike a Credit Card, your DEBIT Card prevents you from over-extending yourself by permitting you to withdraw cash only as long as there is money in your account. Finally, if you withdraw cash using a Credit Card, you will be charged a service fee, whereas using an Debit Card does not attract any charges.

What transactions can I perform using my DEBIT Card?
You can carry out the following transactions at all our ATMs.

  • • Withdraw cash
  • • Request a mini-statement
  • • Make a balance inquiry
  • • Change your PIN
  • • Request a cheque book or account statement

Do I have to maintain any minimum balance in the account for using the card?
You can only withdraw to the extent of the balance in the account.

What is the cash withdrawal /cash advance limit for me?
BBK customers can withdraw up to Rs.25,000/- per day using DEBIT Card at our ATM’s.
For non-BBK customers, the limit is as decided by the bank issuing the card.

Whether BBK Debit Card can be used at other Banks ATM?

  • FREE usage of BBK DEBIT cards in ALL ATMs(BBK ATM + And Other Bank ATMs)
  • Cash up to Rs. 25,000/- allowed in BBK ATM for BBK ATM card holders.
  • For other Bank Debit cards, cash withdrawal of Rs.15, 000/- only is allowed on BBK ATM.

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