RTGS provides you the following value added features:

  • Quicker settlement cycles
  • Assured finality of settlement
  • Intra Day Credit/Liquidity
  • Reduced operational risk of fraud and loss of cheques
  • Secure transactions
  • Controlled flow of transactions
  • Wider day time window for collections / payments
  • Cuts across geographical boundaries

National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT):

The NEFT facilitates the transfer of funds electronically from one customer’s account to another’s account between NEFT participant bank branches in India.

It offers an efficient, secure, economic, reliable and expeditious solution of funds transfer. The NEFT system, in contrast with RTGS System, settles in batches at different intervals.

While RTGS is used for high value transactions (above INR 2 Lakh), NEFT can be used for any amount, inclusive of paisa component.

Customers have the option of choosing and originating remittances through either NEFT or RTGS of RBI

Transfer of Funds
Through RTGS (Charges as per RBI guidelines) w.e.f. 15.11.2010
  Rs. 2 To 5 lakhs Rs.25 per transaction Rs.25 per transaction *
* Additional Charge of Rs. 5/- over the above charges will be levied for Transaction request received after 15.00 Hrs and processed in RTGS batch after 15.40 Hrs w.e.f -  01 / 10 / 2011
  Through NEFT
  Up to Rs.10,000/- 
>> For BBK Account Holder
>> For Other Applicants
Free Rs.5/- Per transaction Free Rs.5/- Per transaction
  up to 1 lakhs Rs.5/- per transaction Rs.5/- per transaction
  Above Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs Rs.15/- per transaction Rs.15/- per transaction
  Above Rs.2 Lakhs Rs.25/- per transaction Rs.25/- per transaction
Remittance request above Rs.10,000/- attracts same charges for Account Holders and Non-account holder applicant.


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